Winter Patient Newsletter


As winter is now upon us, we thought it time to provide you with an update of what’s been happening at Aspiring Medical.

Dr Simon Brebner

Although his sabbatical plans were hijacked by COVID, Simon has still managed to enjoy some well-deserved time off. He has returned this week and is very much looking forward to seeing his patients again. Appointments can be made with Simon via ConnectMed, as usual.

GP Call Back

As the practice gets busier through the ski season, we thought it timely to remind patients that appointments are always held in reserve for those needing urgent on-the-day appointments with their doctor. If you require an urgent appointment, please call our friendly reception team to book an appointment through our GP Call Back service.

Medication Reviews

Recommended practice is that GPs only supply 3 months of medication at a time. When taking any prescribed medication, it is important that this is regularly reviewed to ensure that you are not experiencing any adverse side effects, that you are taking the correct dosage and that the medication is still appropriate. This means that you need to see your doctor for a full consultation to renew a prescription every second prescription or every 6 months, unless recommended earlier. This appointment also provides your doctor with the opportunity to undertake other routine health assessments, such as blood pressure checks, supporting your continued wellbeing.

Self-Check-in Kiosk

The practice is pleased to announce the arrival of the self-check-in kiosk. When you arrive at the practice for your appointment, skip the queue and check-in using the kiosk! You can also update your personal details and answer other screening questions using the kiosk.


ConnectMed gives you the freedom to make appointments, securely request repeat prescriptions, view your medical record, view your test results and communicate, in brief, with your doctor via secure messaging, all in the comfort of your own home! You can also book blood tests and nursing appointments through ConnectMed. AMC is pleased to advise patients that from July, those patients requesting repeat prescriptions via ConnectMed will enjoy a $5 discount.

Moving forward, ConnectMed is the principle communication channel used by the practice. Please have a chat to our friendly reception team next time you visit to get signed up!

Dr Carolyn McKenzie

Dr Carolyn McKenzie is currently on maternity leave and will not be returning. We wish Carolyn all the best.


We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has created financial difficulties across some of our community. As we are a private practice, we are also feeling the impact of the lack of international visitors to the practice. Please have a talk to one of our friendly team if you would like to discuss a payment plan. The practice has recently introduced a monthly direct debit option for those patients wanting to make a small regular payment to their account to build a credit for any future services required. For more information, please email us at [email protected].