Patient Experience Survey

COVID 19 Patient Experience Survey

The Health Quality & Safety Commission of New Zealand will be inviting patients, on behalf of medical centres around New Zealand, to participate in an online survey about patients’ health care experiences. The survey will run from 26 April to 9 May '21. Over the next few weeks you may receive an email or text message inviting you to take part in a patient experience survey about your recent experience at Aspiring Medical Centre. By taking part in the survey, you would be helping to improve the care you and your whānau receive, as well as care and access to health services in local communities across New Zealand. Taking part in the survey is voluntary and anonymous.

If you receive an invite, participation in this survey is voluntary and you are under no obligation to participate. Your decision will not impact your access to health care in New Zealand.

Aspiring Medical would like to thank you in advance for your participation and for giving valuable feedback.