Alert Level 3 and what it means for Aspiring Medical Centre

COVID Blog v2

Anyone with respiratory symptoms needs to be tested for COVID-19. Please call the practice on 03 443 0725 to arrange a test.

We are still open and providing medical care and support to our community. A number of our processes have been adapted to ensure the safety of our staff and our community, and to ensure the lowest possible risk of any exposure to COVID-19.

The biggest change is that you cannot drop into the practice. Our waiting area is closed. All GP and Nurse Practitioner consults are now offered initially as a phone consult. We are able to get a history over the phone to either offer advice, organise a prescription or arrange for you to be seen either in your car or in the practice.

If you get asked to come to the medical centre, you will be told park around the right of the building and to wait in the car and ring the practice when you arrive. You will then be greeted by one of our smiling staff (hidden behind a mask) wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. You will also be given a mask and asked to wear it during consult.

The practitioner can then either assess you in the car or bring you into the practice if you need to be seen for a full consultation. All equipment that is touched by the patient will be thoroughly cleaned between consults.

Please do not be offended if the reception team ask for payment when you book. This is helping us prevent you touching something else in the practice.

Please remember to stay in your bubble, wash hands regularly and cover coughs and sneezes with your arm, this will make our job easier and hopefully mean a return to a more normal way of life sooner.