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Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male permanent contraception.

Dr Simon Brebner has over ten years’ experience in performing vasectomies. Dr Brebner answers some common questions about vasectomy below:

Who would have a vasectomy?               

Vasectomy is a good contraceptive choice for men who’ve had their family or have got to an age where they’ve decided not to have children. Both partners can benefit from vasectomy. Women are able to stop taking the contraceptive pill and men do not need to be concerned about contraceptive failure after having a vasectomy.

What’s involved?

Sperm is made in the testicles and travels along a couple of tubes called the vas deferens via the penis. By making a small 5mm nick on the scrotum, we remove and close a 1.5-2 cm section of the tubing, halting the sperm’s further movement.

How long before I can get back to work?

I tend to carry out the vasectomies at Aspiring Medical Centre on a Friday. Patients are encouraged to have a quiet weekend following the procedure and most are back to work on Monday. Most men report that their experience is less uncomfortable than they were expecting.

How effective are vasectomies?

It’s very unlikely to conceive an unwanted pregnancy following a vasectomy. It’s generally accepted that there is a failure rate of 1 in 2000 vasectomies. For comparison, condoms have a typical failure rate of close to 1 in 5 and the contraceptive pill has a typical failure rate of 1 in 20.

If my circumstances change can I get it reversed?

Although vasectomies are considered a permanent contraception, there is a 50% chance of a successful pregnancy if reversal surgery is carried out within 5 years. After that time, success does trail off to around 25% at 10 years post-procedure.

Great, it seems like a good option for me, I’ve thought it over, what do I do now?

Contact our reception team on 03 443 0725. to make an initial consultation. In this appointment, we will discuss the procedure in greater detail, have a quick examination and answer any questions you may have. Following this, we can make a booking for the procedure, at a time that suits you.