Dr. Ashleigh Parrott


Aspiring Medical welcomes, Dr Ashleigh Parrott who is our new GP registrar. Ashleigh is at Aspiring Medical until the end of July.

Ashleigh has been a qualified Doctor for 6 years. Outside of work Ashleigh enjoys spending time with family and friends, swimming, yoga and being outdoors.

What is a GP registrar? 
A GP Registrar is a fully qualified Doctor, who has decided they want to move into a career as a General Practitioner. Our GP Registrars work with the Royal College of General Practitioners New Zealand, who support and provide them with group training and placements in different practices throughout New Zealand.

Generally, Aspiring Medical will have 2 GP registrars each year. Our role is to provide our registrars with one-on-one training, support, and the opportunities to grow as a General Practitioner.

The GP Registrars start off with appointments that are 30 minutes until they settle into the role and gain more experience, once this is achieved, they then drop to the regular appointment times for the clinics that they are in.

You can book an appointment with our Registrars for any type of consultation that you would normally book with any GP.