Our People, Our Doctors – Dr Simon Brebner

This week our Our People, Our Doctors series introduces you to Dr Simon Brebner. Happy reading!

Doctors Name: Simon Brebner

Specialised Areas: 1. Musculo-Skeletal/ Sports Medicine injuries and problems such as sore shoulders, injured knees, broken collar bones and so on
2. Skin lesion procedures- simple mole and skin cancer excisions, more complicated or large lesions on the face, problems requiring advanced techniques such as skin grafts or flap surgery
3. Male Health- young fellas, middle aged blokes and more mature chaps

Medical Passion: the privilege of hearing patient’s stories

Personal Passion: My boys, sport, music, Laura, Scruffy, cooking and eating, travelling, books, drama, more sport and controlling the bloody lawns

Did you always want to be a doctor? No, I wanted to be a marine biologist as I was fascinated with the ocean and Jacques-Cousteau. I was mortified to learn because of my asthma I wouldn’t be able to SCUBA dive!

How long have you lived in Wanaka? 24 short years

What’s the best thing about living here? It’s always quiet at Christmas

What’s your favourite Wanaka activity or locals tip for visitors? There’s great biking in Sticky Forest, a standing wave on the Hawea river to surf on, dream skiing and snowboarding at Treble Cone and beautiful views to relax with at the end of a busy day

If you could invite any four famous people to dinner (alive or dead) who would you ask? My gran because I miss her, my partner Laura because we’re both very busy and never see each other, Dave Jongsma who tragically died last year and Kelly Slater (surf tragic)

Some health or general life advice: Wash out your cuts under running water; young people – grow old; pat dogs

To read Simons full profile you can click here.