Our People, Our Doctors – Dr Carolyn Mckenzie

Over the few coming months we’ll be giving you the opportunity to learn a little more about our awesome team here at Aspiring Medical. Just like you, Our Doctors live here in the wider Wanaka community. They have their favourite past time activities, favourite local spots and different reasons on why they love calling this place home. The first profile of the series is Dr Carolyn McKenzie – read below to find out her medical passions, personal passions and what motivated her to become a doctor today.

Doctors Name: Carolyn McKenzie

Specialised Area: I know that this is the bit where I should say paediatrics or travel medicine or geriatrics (and I do love all of those things!) but to me General Practice is my specialised area!  Many people think that once you finish medical school you’re instantly a GP, but that’s not the case- we actually do a number of years of additional specialised training to be a GP just like all other medical specialties have to.

Medical Passion: Practicing with kindness and compassion, mixed with a little bit of humour.

Personal Passion: I think C.S Lewis sums that up quite nicely: “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me”.  Aside from that I’m a huge animal lover (if I was allowed I’d probably have a zoo!) and enjoy baking. The team at Aspiring Medical have become my guinea pigs – the only complaints I’ve had so far is when I don’t bake!

Did you always want to be a doctor? Yes, long story but initially I went in a different direction and ended up in the corporate world for a number of years.  I got to the point where I realised that if I didn’t follow my heart I’d always regret it. I didn’t want to spend my life wondering “what if” so I took the plunge and here I am!

How long have you lived in Wanaka? Officially for 3 and a half years, but unofficially all my life.  My family have always had a holiday house here and then my parents moved to Wanaka over 20 years ago, so I’ve considered it home for a long time!

What’s the best thing about living here? Our amazing scenery and the sense of community spirit.

What’s your favourite Wanaka activity or locals tip for visitors? So many things, but if I was to pick one it would be to find a spot by the lake where you can soak in the vista and take some time out from the busyness of life to just be.

If you could invite any four famous people to dinner (alive or dead) who would you ask?
Nelson Mandela, The Queen (she’s welcome to bring Phillip), Ed Sheeran and David Attenborough.

One piece of health or general life advice: Can I have two? (1) Not all wounds are visible so always be kind, kindness after all costs nothing.  (2). Sometimes laughter is the best medicine!

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