Our People, Our Doctors – Dr Fiona Maclean

This month brings another edition of our ‘Our People’ series. We introduce you to Dr Fiona MacLean. Originally from the UK, Fiona fell in love with Wanaka, like many of us and she and her family have called it home for over 7 years. Read below to get to know Fiona and discover which four celebs she would invite over for dinner if she had the chance.


Doctor’s Name: Fiona MacLean

Specialised Area General Practice. I enjoy all aspects of General Practice from baby checks to minor surgery to palliative care.

Medical Passion: The appeal of General Practice is being able to get to know your patients well and to be part of their health journey. I am passionate about making my patients feel at ease so they are able to communicate their concerns and we can formulate effective action plans together.

Personal Passions: My family. My horse, Poncho. Good food.

Did you always want to be a doctor? Yes, always. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

How long have you lived in Wanaka? 7 years. We came over from the UK and originally thought we would only stay for a year.

What’s the best thing about living here? The feeling of community. The stunning scenery. How easy it is to do outdoor activities such as taking kids water skiing after school or going riding before work. I can’t imagine being able to do that if we were still in England.

What’s your favourite Wanaka activity or locals tip for visitors? I love going for a hack on Poncho and taking in the views. Tip for visitors would be don’t try to cram in all the “must do” activities back to back. Take time to enjoy what’s in front of you.

If you could invite any four famous people to dinner (alive or dead) who would you ask? George R.R Martin. David Walliams (he can help entertain the kids). Manu from My Kitchen Rules. Jennifer Saunders (funny AND into horses).

One piece of health or general life advice: Be kind to yourself.

You can see Fionas full profile here.