Appropriate Weekly Alcohol Consumption

Rebecca Grant, Nurse Practitioner,  Aspiring Medical Centre
Alcohol Consumption image

The holiday period and summer can sometimes lead to a period of indulgence, not only the fine food around us, but also to a variety of alcoholic beverages. So, as we settle back into our daily routines its time to check our alcohol intake is appropriate for a healthy lifestyle.

Standard Drinks

This is often misunderstood, especially as alcoholic drinks come in containers of different shapes and sizes. A great resource is this on the Ministry of Health website

You can also find out how many standard drinks are in your beverage on the label.

The current recommendation for a healthy alcohol intake is to have 2 or more alcohol free days a week.  Women are recommended to have no more than 2 standard drinks a day (the equivalent of 10 standard drinks per week) and men, 3 standard drinks per day ( the equivalent of 15 per week).

Concerned about your alcohol intake?

If you are worried about how much alcohol you are drinking, you can take this quick quiz:

If you want to talk to someone further, you can contact the practice, Aspring Medical Centre on 03 443 0725 and talk to one of our health professionals. You can also  contact the Alcohol and Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797 or visit their website at

 Remember, moderation is key.